Support for Public Management

Xperta joins the initiatives to improve public institutions, providing methods and practical solutions, applying innovation and in accordance with the directives and guidelines set forth by the governing bodies.

We work in the processes, organization and systems areas to direct the entity’s institutional management towards digitization, the achievement of other goals and user satisfaction. Xperta offers the following services:

  • Evaluation of the organization’s operation Digital gap estimation
  • Evaluation of the processes associated with regulatory provisions
Process design and redesign
  • Maps and characterization of processes
  • Elaboration of Process and Procedure Management Manual – MGPP (MAPRO)
Organizational transformation
  • Preparation of the Organization and Functions Regulation (ROF)
  • Preparation of the Job Profile Manual (MPP)
  • Entity Positions Table (CPE)
  • Analysis of load and resizing of the organization
  • Remuneration policy and analysis
  • Transit to the New Civil Service Regime
Implementation of reforms and solutions
  • Implementation of reforms
  • Implementation of applications
  • Development of strategies to support change processes
Systematization of Experiences
  • Description and analysis of experiences
  • Preparation of systematization documents

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